Law Office of Maureen E. Booth - About Us
Attorney Booth understands that clients depend on her to handle important legal challenges.  She is dedicated to handling each case with the highest degree of professionalism, compassion and care.  She is a strong advocate, a forceful negotiator, and a convincing litigator.
Attorney Booth's clients can expect:
  • to be kept up-to-date on the significant developments in their case
  • to have their calls and e-mails returned promptly
  • to be treated fairly and with respect 
  • to be fully informed of the legal issues in their case and involved in the decision-making 
Attorney Booth has professional as well as life experience.   As such, she has the ability to view her clients as a whole person, not just as the legal situation they present.  What may be right in one case for one client may not be right in another. This approach to problem solving has often resulted in her clients saying that working with Attorney Booth made the legal process much less traumatic for them.
Attorney Booth's philosophy
In each legal matter I handle, I strive to negotiate on behalf of my client to seek the best resolution of that client's case, keeping in mind that sometimes “winning” means not fighting every fight. I work with my clients to determine their priorities and their legal budget. Though my first approach is always to negotiate with the opposing party, I only resolve matters according to my client’s wishes, and do not hesitate to present a contested matter before the court.
Though the majority of cases are resolved without the necessity of trial, I approach each case with the knowledge that negotiations may fail and court intervention may be necessary. If the opposing party or their attorney is not willing to be reasonable, I will be thoroughly prepared to argue aggressively to the court on your behalf.
(978) 649-0040 // 978-649-0044 (fax)
 205 Pleasant Street
Dunstable, MA 01827
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