Tips to Spending More Time With Your Kids

For parents who do not have primary custody over their children, seeing your children every now and then can be devastating. The thoughts of missing all those special moments with your children may be a sufficient reason to regret getting a divorce. However, with a little imagination, there may be ways you can spend more time with your children.

 1)   Take lunch to your child at school.

2)   Coach a team sport your child plays on

3)   Offer to make pickups and drop offs for extra-curricular activities

4)   Volunteer to be a chaperon on field trips for your child’s class

5)   Attend all school plays and functions your child is in

6)   Offer to take the kids in lieu of a babysitter

7)   Participate in all birthday parties for your child

Before you take actions to spend more time with your children, make sure you thoroughly read your parenting plan and you aren’t crossing any legal lines.

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