What not to do on Facebook during a divorce?

Social networking is now ubiquitous regardless of age, gender, or demographics. By their very nature, these sites are designed to make it easy for people to check in with their friends and monitor their activities. However, this also means exes are able to access your facebook to find evidence which may not help you in court. So here are a few guidelines to keep yourself out of trouble.
1. Irrational exuberance / new-found extravagance should be avoided during  a divorce even if your spendable income does rise after separation. Courts are able to use evidence of expenses to calculate spousal and child support so better not to flaunt the new jetskis and Rolex.
2. Party photos are very fickle creatures. If possible, delete and take down as many photos of yourself intoxicated or in any other kind of compromising situation. This includes photos on friends’ profiles. No judge will think your spring break trip is a good reason why you should get primary child custody.
3. Keep profanity, especially on public displays, to a very low minimum. That means no trash talking the judge or the ex. Not only is this common sense but it’s also just good habits. Try meditation.
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