Child Custody Agreements

Even though you and your soon-to-be ex may agree on child custody and visitation issues, it is still a good idea to consult with an attorney. An experienced family law attorney knows the  pitfalls and how to avoid them.  It is best to get that agreement down while you are both willing to agree.  Often there is no issue until a new significant other comes into the picture and
feels the need to “fix” what is already working.  If you have an agreement that is thorough, it
often relieves the pressure of the party to be able to say, “sorry, this is court ordered.”

I encourage anyone who is going through a divorce, but can put the children first and come to an agreement to do so as soon as possible.  It will likely be the best opportunity for an agreement to be made, and some money saved both in the present, and the future.

For further information regarding child custody and visitation please contact the Top California Divorce Lawyers at 714-520-5330. Call today for your free consultation.


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